The 10 Basics of Cyber Security Training

The 10 Basics of Cyber Security Training

There is no single day which goes without businesses being reminded of improving security as the first priority to avoid attacks like, state-of-the-art, ransomware, data breaches among others. Cyber security has difference when it comes to knowing that it is your mandate to improve security and how you should go about it.

Below are 10 basics of cyber security which beginners should be aware of:

  1. Cyber security is not a single person’s task but everybody’s responsibility

For a company to maintain security which is effective there is a need to grow the culture which transforms that security throughout the organization.

  1. Outsourcing is important

With security you need to identify and define clearly the goal of the company then with that go ahead and look for right provider to offer the intended needs.

  1. Complacency is the greatest threat to cyber security

When it comes to security, the best of a way to achieve it is being able to convince those in leadership to understand its importance and that it’s a worth investment.

  1. Size of an organization is not a consideration

Although large companies have being listed as the ones facing data breaches mostly, the small companies are no exception. Reports have indicated a focus on such medium and small businesses.

  1. Leadership only focuses on security which concerns the business

The main thing when it comes to buy-in security, the leaders focus on how the security is to improve the organization.

  1. Spending does not guarantee the security

You do not need to spend as much cash or capital to get that security but rather focus mainly on the needs and priorities of your enterprise.

  1. Simplicity has power

Having big security does not guarantee better security as the expansion can increase noise, cost, and complexity despite reducing risks.

  1. The best security comes layer by layer

It is important to not only considers limiting factors and potential benefits but also you should consider how the above will boost effectiveness overall of the organization.

  1. Security improvement is not a single done activity

Cyber security requires iterative, active and ongoing approach.

  1. Cybersecurity is more of a strategy

For the best results from invested security, you should first come up with clarity in the top goals and priorities of your enterprise before finding solutions.


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