Programming Breakthroughs to Look Out for in 2019

Programming Breakthroughs to Look Out for in 2019

The CUDA Programming Language

Although technically released this year, the CUDA progr

amming language looks likely to explode in 2019. Created by Nvidia, it was created with the express purpose of allowing developers to optimise their games and software for Nvidia graphics cards, and to allow programmers to make use of graphics cards in unconventional ways. Because they have lots of cores, they are amenable to parallel processing — CUDA is supposed to highlight such parallel capabilities to allow developers to harness the power of Nvidia graphics cards. Currently mainly used by statisticians and data scientists, we’re predicting more and more commercial use of the language to help optimise their software and video games.

The Release of More Games in Source 2

Source 2 has already had a handful of games released using it, but it is set to have many come out next year. Hopefully, this means that the Source 2 SDK will be released, which will allow modders and other video game developers to create video games using it and build their own gaming tools using Source 2. Gaming engines have needed a shakeup, and Source 2 could provide just that next year when it comes to releasing games, and the potential of the engine being licensed out to other developers.

The Year of Python


Python is fast becoming the most used programming language in the world, and is set to become the most active language in the entire world very soon. While Java still has the edge in terms of commercial development, next year we could see an increase in businesses using Python (which is often used for educational purposes at the moment). As more and more developers and academic institutions use Python, it is more likely to be used for programming projects. Due to being so easy to learn, Python could also become the most widely used programming language next year, which will further bolster its usefulness.


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