Innovative Al Technologies for the medical field

Innovative Al Technologies for the medical field

AI technology such as the near infrared analysers has always been used in the medical field because of its noninvasive characteristic, reliability, and safety. It is applied in many different departments such as surgery, psychology, and neurology. It is often used to measure changes in oxygenation in muscle and brain tissue. The following are the common uses of AI technology in the medical field.

  1. Managing Medical Data.

managing medical dataData management is the most used application of digital automation and artificial intelligence. Robots are used to collect, re-format, store and trace data to provide faster access to the data.

  1. Doing Repetitive Jobs.

You can use robots to analyse tests, X-Rays, data entry, CT scans, and any other mundane tasks. Radiology and Cardiology data needs a lot of time to analyse hence the need to use AI.

  1. Treatment Design.

Artificial intelligence can also be used to analyse data – reports and notes from a patient’s file, clinical expertise, and external research, – to help choose the best individually customised treatment path.

  1. Digital Consultation.

You can use AI apps like Babylon to give medical consultation. The app uses the medical history of the patient and common medical history. The app requires to input your symptoms and uses speech recognition software to compare to compare against a database of illnesses. It then offers recommendations depending on the medical history of the patient.

  1. Virtual Nurses.

AI can be used to follow up treatments, monitor the condition of the patient and schedule a doctor visit. Robots can be programmed to support patient suffering from chronic illnesses. In 2016, Boston developed children app that can give advice and basic information for mothers with sick kids.

Artificial Intelligence technology has various applications in the medical field. It is applied to tissue, muscle, and the brain. It is widely used in the world of medicine, particularly in the pharmaceutical industry. For instance, FT NIR methods are used in manufacturing pharmaceutical products.


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